Sahand Sahebdivani (Amsterdam/ NL)

Tales of the Djinn (14+)

Do you believe in Djinns? The fire spirits that live between the walls of houses or get trapped in a bottle? My great grandmother did for sure. She saw them with her own eyes, dancing in an abandoned hammam... Tales of the Djinn is a storytelling performance that mixes the personal stories of a family from Iran that fled the war to end up in Europe with the old folk tales and mythological tales of ancient Persia.

Sahand Sahebdivani was inspired to tell stories while listening to his father who would tell him about Iran, the country they left behind when Sahand was three years old. He is currently one of the best known storytellers of the Netherlands, with a very distinct personal style that mixes folk tales with true stories.

5.1, 20.30 Uhr, Geschichtenrunde 2, Tafelhalle
7.1. 18 Uhr, Geschichtenrunde 3, Tafelhalle
8.1. 17 Uhr und bei Sprachklang, 20 Uhr, Auf AEG


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